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No Evidence: A report by IAVGO Community Legal Clinic exposing the decision making of the WSIB through an indepth analysis of the Tribunal’s 2016 decisions. Released June 28, 2017. Read full report here.

Their four primary findings: 
1. The Board regularly fails to listen to treating health care professionals about whether return to work is safe.
2. The Board has reversed benefits it had promised to the most vulnerable workers.
3. The Board wrongly denies compensation based on “pre-existing conditions.”
4. The Board targets workers with mental health conditions for denial of benefits and treatment, increased scrutiny and surveillance.

WSIB cutting costs at expense  of workers' health, report says. Study, based on freedom of information requests to worker compensation board, notes there has been a significant cut in prescription drug benefits affecting thousands of injured workers a year. (Toronto Star, May 24, 2017)

Bad Medicine: A report on the WSIB's transformation of its Health Care Spending. co-authors Antony Singleton, IAVGO Community Legal Clinic. Read full report here.

May 15, 2017, Submissions to the Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs Re Bill 127 (Amendments to Workplace Safety and Insurance, 1997), Coalition submissions of Ontario Network of Injured Workers Groups, IAVGO Community Legal Clinic, Injured Workers’ Consultants, Antony Singleton, Ellen Lipes, Gary Newhouse, Michael Green, Peter Bird, ARCH Disability Law Centre, Health Care Professionals for Injured Workers, Injured Workers Action for Justice, Renfrew County Legal Clinic, The Legal Clinic, the Toronto Injured Workers’ Advocacy Group, West Toronto Community Legal Services (login to members page to read submissions).

The good, the bad and the ugly: the WSIB's draft chronic mental stress policy (Antony Singleton, Just Compensation, May 10, 2017)

WSIB Document 15-03-14, Traumatic or Chronic Mental Stress, draft policy for consultation purposes (read WSIB background document and draft policy here)

Bill 127, Stronger, Healthier Ontario Act (April 27, 2017), Government proposes changes to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act that remove the bar to chronic mental stress claims. 

Dr. Carol Parrott is interviewed on Ontario Morning (CBC January 12, 2017) 
Interview starts at 21 minutes.

Doctors frustrated workers' compensation boards seem to ignore medical opinions report says (Toronto Star, January 9, 2017)  

WSIB mulls reform to rules that deny compensation to some mentally ill workers (Toronto Star, November 25, 2016) 

Ombudsman asked to probe WSIB treatment of mentally ill (Toronto Star, November 14, 2016) 

WSIB slashes injured Packenham paramedic's compensation. Board pins blame on 'pre-existing conditions' (CBC News, Ottawa, October 26, 2016) 

The paramedic and the doctor standing up for him. Rita Celli interviews Dan O'Connor, Dr. Terence Woods and lawyer Maryth Yachnin (Ontario Today, October 26, 2016)

WSIB policy pushes hurt workers into humiliating jobs and unemployment critics say (Toronto Star, September 12, 2016)

Worker Compensation Board pledges to enhance transparency. (Toronto Star, September 01, 2016) 

Secretive drug policies putting injured workers at risk critics say. (Toronto Star, August 29, 2016) 

WSIB ‘paper doctors’ – Not a systemic problem? HANG ON A MINUTE. Thoughtful review of WSIB’s internal audit by Ron Ellis, first Chair of WSIAT ( Administrative Justice System Reform, July 29, 2016)

Provincial watchdog sees major spike in injured worker complaints (Toronto Star, July 23, 2016)

WSIB appeals backlog. 3927 active appeals at the WSIB's independent tribunal in 2009; 9435 active appeals in 2015 (Toronto Star Touch, July 18, 2016) 

WSIB stands by use of paper doctors after calls for ombudsman probe (Toronto Star, July 10, 2016)

WSIB denies funding slashed for injured workers. (Toronto Star, July 05, 2016) 

Fewer workers getting help for serious injuries statistics show. (Toronto Star, July 03, 2016)  

Doctor hired by WSIB in U.S. legal battle over slashed medical benefits (Toronto Star, June 13, 2016)

Inadequate health care devastating injured workers critic say (Toronto Star, June 10, 2016) 

Doctor sues WSIB employer after refusing to change medical opinion. Dr. Brenda Steinnagel alleges she was fired after refusing WSIB's demands to revise her medical opinion on a hospital security guard's claim (Toronto Star, April 21, 2016)  

Fair appeals for injured workers under threat experts warn. (Toronto Star, April 06, 2016) 

Migrant farm worker launches discrimination complaint against WSIB. (Toronto Star, March 21, 2016) 

Delay, denial and debt mark WSIB struggle for man who lost his memory in a workplace accident. (Toronto Star, March 12, 2016) 

Anxiety. Depression. Bankruptcy. One family’s battle with workplace injury. (Toronto Star, February 19, 2016)

Who's paying down the WSIB's unfunded liability (Just Compensation, February 1, 2016)

Investigate workers' complaints: Doctor join injured workers to demand fair compensation (Editorial, Toronto Star, January 31, 2016) 

Provincial watchdog urged to investigate WSIB (Toronto Star, January 29, 2016)  

Chris Buckley, President OFL interviewed about ombudsman complaint ( Live at Noon, January 29, 2016)