Dr. Irwin Altrows, Psychologist, Kingston

Ms. Joanne Arkell, RN, Carp

Ms. Hilary Balmer, RN, Uxbridge

Dr. James Bambrick, Psychologist, Waterloo

Dr. Lynsey Bartlett, Family Physician, Ottawa

Dr. Edward Bassis, Psychologist, Sudbury

Dr. Lisa Berger, Psychologist, Newmarket

Dr. Tamara Biederman, Psychologist, London

Dr. Michel Brosseau, Chiropractor, Sudbury

Bonita Health and Disability

Ms. Tina Calberry, Medical Secretary, Huntsville

Dr. Timothy Capello, Physician, Ottawa

Dr. Jan Carstoniu, Anesthesiologist, Pain Specialist, Toronto

Dr. Trevor Deck, Psychologist, Sudbury

Dr. Katie Dorman, Family Physician, Toronto

Dr. Michelle Duwyn, Psychologist, London

Dr. Robert Fera, Chiropractor, Sudbury

Mr. Jim Gill, Retired Health and Safety Directer CAW, Former Director NS WCB

Dr. Linda Gruson, Psychologist, Toronto

Ms. Lise Hitschfeld, Behavior Therapist, Sudbury

Mr. Terry Ingram, Psychotherapist, Sudbury

Dr. Kathi Janusiak, Psychological Associate, Burlington

Dr. Laura Kennedy, Psychometrist, Barrie

Dr. Keith Klassen, Psychologist, Sudbury

Dr. Laura Lewin, Family Physician, Ottawa

Dr. Lucy Manchester, Family Physician, Toronto

Dr. Chetan Mehta, Family and Addictions Physician, Toronto

Dr. Margaret Mikkelborg, Psychologist, Barrie & Toronto

Dr. Rickey Miller, Psychologist, Thornhill

Dr. William Newby, Psychologist, London

Ms. Andrea Nichol, Massage Therapist, Sudbury

Dr. George O’Connor, Psychologist, Ottawa

Mr. Fergal O’Hagan, Kinesiologist, Peterborough

Dr. Carol Parrott, Psychologist, Orillia

Dr. Arunkumar Pillai, Psychologist, Toronto

Dr. Harry Pollett, Anesthesiologist, Pain Specialist, Sydney, Nova Scotia

Dr. Mary Gretchen Roedde, Family Physician, Temiskaming Shores

Dr. Marsha Rothstein, Psychologist, Toronto

Dr. Judith Schachter, Psychologist, London

Dr. J. Douglas Salmon, Neuropsychologist, Toronto

Dr. Robert Schnurr, Psychologist, London

Dr. Lara Sigurdson, Psychologist, Barrie

Dr. Henry Svec, Psychologist, Blenheim

Ms. Leslie Tempest, Physiotherapist, Huntsville

Ms. Sue Underhill, Physiotherapist, Collingwood

Dr. Terence Woods, Physician, Arnprior

Plus 14 supporters who endorse the recommendations but chose to omit their names from the website.